Helping my clients, speak to theirs

One of the main things I’ve learned from working in-house is that many businesses simply don’t know what their customers want to hear.

They bombard potential clients with loads of specs, and features, and fancy lingo – when really the most important information is HOW your products or services help your customers. They want to know the benefits.

So that’s where I come in.

Whether you need to get all of your key messages and brand values into a marketing flyer, want to shout from the rooftops about your latest success in a press release, or hope to attract new customers through your website, we can work together to ensure your company gets all the attention.

With a full range of copywriting, communications, content and consultancy services to choose from, I can help cement your brand name in the minds of both current and future customers.

Wow potential customers with powerful copywriting and content

Whether you need catchy words for a short advert, a product flyer, a direct mail letter, a few blogs, a content marketing campaign, or a whole website; researching and writing can be a time-consuming process.

Let me give you those precious hours back by writing for you!

Your target market wants to know what’s in it for them. They’re much more interested in the product or service benefits, than the features.

So I’ll do all of the research, find out what your customer wants to know, write the text and then work with you to make sure you’re as happy with it as I am.

The best thing about it is I can make my writing sound like your writing. I’ll adapt my tone and language so that your audience feels like they are having a conversation directly with you.

Is your web content more search engine floptimised, than search engine optimised? No problem – I can help with that too, by weaving keywords and phrases in to your online content to make sure the right people are finding you.

Save time and money with messaging banks for everyday use

You know your products and services inside out and while that’s fantastic, it can sometimes make it difficult to take a step back and think about what information your audience cares about.

Whether you’re talking to a potential customer face-to-face at a trade show or sending out a newsletter, you need to feel confident that what you’re saying will leave an impression.

Through a series of guided in-depth chats about your company’s story, culture, people, products/services and ambitions, I will gather all of the crucial information on what makes you stand out from your competitors. I’ll work out what your customer will skim over, and what will make them stop in their tracks.

I’ll then create a suite of key messages which your team can have up their sleeve every single time they communicate with current or potential customers. Face-to-face; on the phone; over email; or via social media – these messages can be adapted for everyday business use, saving valuable time and money.

Spruce up your marketing materials with my copyediting services

Maybe you’ve already got a load of marketing materials which are good, but need a fresh set of eyes to make them great.

Copyediting goes far beyond just looking for typos and changing commas for semi-colons (let’s be honest – anyone who tells you they really know how to use a semi-colon is a liar).

During the copyediting process I’ll whip out my red pen, take a look at how your key messages come across and work with you to improve them to meet the expectations of your target audience.

Bespoke options for when you’re just not really sure what you want

Sometimes, it’s really tricky to work out exactly what’s needed. Or, you know what you want but that annoying bloke in the finance department won’t give you the budget for it.

I offer tailor-made packages covering a whole host of copywriting, communications, content and consultancy options.

From website and social media audits through to brand audits, tone of voice development through to marketing strategy development, brand guidelines through to…well, whatever you want really, we can put together a little pick ‘n’ mix of options to fit your requirements.

And I wholeheartedly promise that none of my pick ‘n’ mix options are as crap as those horrible foam bananas. Eugh.

“Becki has written a variety of articles which have been delivered within the agreed timeframe and creatively written – her content is a key element to the storytelling of the Female Coaching Network (FCN).

Her articles and interviews on our website always gain traction and spark conversation amongst our network of coaches. She has provided female coaches with a much-needed voice and has helped them share their stories with the wider world.”